Gibbons enterprise Corporation (GEC) is a recognized, respected profit business Company operating within the Republic of Palau. It is in diversified lines of business such as “Rock Island café”, Coconut hut Cyber café, Rock Island Construction.

Gibbons Enterprise Corporation is constantly always looking for new prospective to expand our business whilst at the same time to provide the best service for our customers. We attempt to be fair and provide equal opportunity to our employees reaching the point whereas to discuss issues that might affect the management of the Company.

Our desire is committed to the establishment of high quality business firm within the Republic of Palau. Therefore, all steps that the Corporation takes are always for its productivity and profitability.

We hope that we will support the Corporation’s desire to meet its goals while it attempts to create an enjoyable working environment.


Enriching the Lives of our customers, employees and workers through engaging into service excellence and diverse lines of business like restaurants, snack bar, apartments, upholstery and Construction and other related businesses.


A sustainable Corporation towards socio-economic upliftment.


G- Good fearing. We value putting God at the center of our Company.

E- Excellence. Giving the best and world class customer service and achieving excellence each passing day.

C- Commitment. Commitment to roll great product, service and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the organization.


“A Company to Remember for Life”